About us

Arashan Travel – is the leading travel agency of the Kyrgyz Republic, offering everyone, without exception. Professional organization of tours and various tourist vacations, both anywhere in Kyrgyzstan and in neighboring countries. Here you can buy a turnkey tour, as well as order almost any tourist service separately.

We provide both Kyrgyz citizens and guests of our beautiful country with the opportunity to book profitably (without extra charges) both ready-made large vacation packages for several days or weeks, as well as one-day tours or visiting certain attractions on order. We implement an individual approach to each client, and we will be happy to build a unique route (plan an exclusive tour) specifically for your order.

Choosing us, you get the opportunity to buy any tour in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia at the lowest cost, while guaranteeing quality service and a full range of declared travel services. Moreover, here you can rent a car, order guide services, rent full climbing equipment, specialized suits, tourist tents and much more, without even buying a tour. We give you the opportunity to travel around Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia as a whole – with maximum comfort and will always strive to provide any assistance to the tourist, for the implementation of the highest quality, fascinating holidays.

The travel agency “Arashan Travel” has been working on the professional arena of organizing tourist holidays of international level for more than a year, thanks to which we have already formed and repeatedly checked the most profitable, interesting, most spectacular routes. These are ready-made, cost-effective travel packages for tourists, both in the sights of the Kyrgyz Republic and in the places of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan that are brightest for positive impressions.

For you, dear friends, we are always ready to offer multi-day tours with already verified travel times, prepared comfortable accommodation in hotels and guest houses, and visits to various, important and interesting places. These are beautiful views of the unique mountain nature, and centuries-old architectural structures, and special show programs for exploring Asian culture from antiquity to the present day.

We are a large, friendly, multinational team of professional guides, experienced drivers, competent tour operators and attentive service department staff.
Our task is to provide you with the opportunity to plunge into the beauty and originality of traveling in Central Asia. And we guarantee you the best tourism at affordable prices!

Arashan Travel