EER ENISH-national wrestling on horseback

EER enish is a traditional Kyrgyz horsemen’s fight. This discipline was born of military needs and served military purposes. The key to victory in er enish is both the skill and strength of the rider and his horse. A horse for er enish should be heavy and strong, have stability, maneuverability, calm disposition, impeccable obedience to the rider and endurance.

Currently, er enish competitions are held on a flat circular platform. In the fight, two wrestlers compete, stripped to the waist, they must be wearing a “sash” (belt), a handkerchief, trousers made of strong material, boots, and a Kamcha in their hand. At the beginning of the fight, the wrestlers on horseback, at the command of the referee, drive up to the center of the circle. On command, the fight begins. In order to win, the wrestler must pull the opponent off the horse so that he touches the ground with any part of his body.

Preparation of athletes and horses begins long before the competition.