One day tour to Kegety gorge, alpine lake Kol-Tor

One day tour to one of the most beautiful lakes in Kyrgyzstan!

Kegety gorge, alpine lake Kol-Tor

Kegety gorge is one of the most beautiful and longest gorges in Kyrgyzstan (about 27 km). Kegety boasts not only its vegetation, but also a very varied relief and a large number of beautiful places. One of such places is Kol Tor lake.

Kol Tor is a small lake located at an altitude of 2733m in the Kegetyn gorge, 90 km from Bishkek. It has an incredibly beautiful turquoise hue. A dammed lake, formed during an earthquake. It owes its unusual color to the glacier, which, when moving, grinds stones and rocks into dust. All this mixture falls to the bottom of the lake during the melting of the glacier and is reflected in the light of the Sun in a bright birch or bluish-green color. The lake does not warm up above 5 degrees.

Our way to the lake is about 7-8 km one way. The route will pass first through a spruce forest, gradually moving to the slopes and becoming higher and steeper. We have four steep takeoffs to overcome. On the way there will be a lot of parking lots with incredibly beautiful landscapes.

Tour program

Departure Bishkek – Kegety
Arrival in Kegety gorge
The beginning of the trekking from the guest house “Kegety Kol Tor”
Arrival to the lake (free time)
Back to town

The total route of the tour is 170 kilometers (by car)
General hiking route 14-16 kilometers

The price includes: Comfortable transport, accompanying guide, round trip transfer

• For one person – $ 130
• For a group of 2 people – $ 210 ($ 105 each)
• For a group of 3 people – $ 255 ($ 85 each)
• For a group of 4 people – $ 260 ($ 65 each)
• For a group of 5 people – $ 225 ($ 45 each) (Attention! The calculation of the cost of the tour for 6 and 7 people also comes from the tariff – $ 45 each)
• For a group of 10 people – $ 300 ($ 35 each) (Attention! The cost of the tour for 11-15 people is also calculated from the tariff – $ 35 each)

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