Two-day tour to the alpine lake Kel-Suu

Alpine lake Kel-Suu

In the Naryn region, on the border with China, 550 km from the city of Bishkek, there is a beautiful lake Kel-Suu, which was formed hundreds of thousands of years ago due to the destruction of the mountain range.

The lake is located at an altitude of 3500 meters above sea level at an altitude of 3514 m.Length – 10.5 km, width – 0.5 – 2 km, mirror area – 4.5 square kilometers, water volume – 338 million cubic meters, depth up to 10 meters. Water temperature is about 6-8 degrees


The lake mesmerizes with its stunning views – the water in it is bright blue or even birch and contrasts very beautifully with the surrounding rocks. This is one of the most beautiful and inaccessible places in Kyrgyzstan. Without careful preparation, it will be difficult to achieve it.Kel-Suu is translated from Kyrgyz as “incoming water”. The lake received this name due to the fact that quite often the water descends through underground caves. Presumably, somewhere in the caves underground, there is a drain that freezes and “keeps” the lake filled.This tour will be full of drive, beautiful landscapes, clean air and cool acquaintances!


Tour program:The total route of the tour is approximately 1000 kilometers (by car)

The total walking route is approximately 7 kilometers

Gathering at 5:30 check out at 6:00


1 day

Route:Kuaky pass – Ortotokoy reservoir – Dolon pass – Naryn town

2nd pass Naryn city – At-Bashi district – border zone – Kok-Kyya valley

-Arrival time at the yurt camp approximately

-Dinner-Free time

-Overnight in a yurt or in tents



Day 2


– Hike to the lake (6 km one way, hike of medium difficulty)

-At 16:00 arrival at the yurt camp


– Departure to the city

-Arrival time in Bishkek: 23: 00-24: 00


What is included in the price:

-Transportation throughout the tour


-Dinner, breakfast and afternoon tea

– Accommodation in yurts or tents

-Photos from the tour

-Equipment for recreation

-Passes to the border zone



• For one person – $ 500

• For a group of 2 people – $ 600 ($ 300 each)

• For a group of 3 people – $ 750 ($ 250 each)

• For a group of 4 people – $ 800 ($ 200 each)

• For a group of 5 people – $ 750 ($ 150 each) (Attention! The calculation of the cost of the tour for 6 and 7 people also comes from the tariff – $ 150 each)

• For a group of 10 people – $ 1300 ($ 130 each) (Attention! The cost of the tour for 11-15 people is also calculated from the tariff – $ 130 each)