SHYRDAK SHOW (Felt-making demonstration)

Shyrdak-felt carpet, one of the most complex in its technique of making products from felt among the Kyrgyz.

For the Kyrgyz, shirdaks, along with kiiz, were essential items in everyday life. They were laid on the floor or on the grass. Recently, small shirdaks have become very popular among foreign tourists.
The usual size of the screen is 2×4 m. it consists of a felt base and elaborately cut pieces of colored felt sewn to it, representing a kind of ornament. Parts of the felt are connected with special stitches.
Ornaments are stylized images of certain parts of animals: the tail of a dog, the horns of mountain goats, the claws of birds, and so on, which in turn are special signs that have a certain meaning and significance.
The main color combinations used in the production of the screen are: red and white, red and blue, red, white and brown. Each shirdak should end at the edges with a black-and-white pair of colors (they symbolize the snow-capped tops of the Kyrgyz mountains). Previously, only natural paints were used (madder root, Indigo, perspiration (Larkspur)). Modern craftswomen dye wool with aniline dyes.


When the sheep left the ark, there was a felt carpet in the room
Of course, the history of felt art goes back centuries. There is a legend that says that the first felted carpet appeared on Noah’s ark. The sheep were in very tight quarters. The wool of the sheep fell to the floor and got wet and whipped up by the hooves. And when the sheep left the ark, there was a felt carpet in the room.

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