Taigan Jarysh ( Kyrgyz hunting dogs racing)

 Taigans are a breed of Central Asian greyhounds, the pride of the Kyrgyz people. They are natural hunters , distinguished by their endurance, speed, fearlessness and great strength.

 Taigan jarysh is running among the ancient hounds of the Kyrgyz breed.

When competing dogs in the race, preliminary, semi-final and final races are held, in which the dog’s agility is determined. In one race, three dogs are produced at the same time. Separate races are held among each breed of Greyhound. The speed of the dog is determined by the speed of its running at a distance of 350 meters. Dogs chase a dummy made of Fox or hare skin, with which the rider jumps at a speed of 60-65 km / h. Judges estimate the time it takes for the dogs to reach the finish line.


   Folk legend. “…Once a pack of wolves did not give life to Pets and people in a remote mountain village. Predators slaughtered cattle and even attacked children. At their next daring RAID, a local hunter killed the leader, but the mother wolf with the cubs disappeared into the mountains, and began to take revenge on the offenders with even greater cruelty. Moreover, the dogs could not protect their owners, because the cunning beast, creeping up at night, killed puppies, and adult dogs were afraid to even smell its trail. The hunter tamed the Golden eagle, hoping to use it to track down and kill the beast. However, in the battle with the wolf, the Golden eagle also died. Then the hunter went up to the very tops of the icy mountains to take a baby bird from the nest of the kumai bird – so the Kyrgyz have always called a very large snow vulture. But a vulture that feeds on carrion is cowardly by nature, despite its size and fearsome appearance. In order to raise a brave bird from a chick, the hunter used methods for its upbringing, which were used to raise the most fearless and vicious dogs, wolfhounds. He built a large windowless dugout where no one, not even the sun, was allowed to look, and he rarely went to feed the hungry eagle raw meat. And after a while, out of the darkness of this dugout, instead of the cry of a bird of prey, came the howl of a ferocious dog, which grew so strong, intelligent, and invulnerable that it did not even need to fight the enemy. The wolf, once crept to the dwelling of the hunter to kill the puppy, as soon as she met his gaze, felt the deadly danger and left these places forever, taking the whole pack with her. The happy owner gave the dog the name Kumyik, in honor of its origin from the snow vulture Kumai. And the dog fully lived up to its nickname, later getting a lot of different game, and killing hundreds of wolves. At the same time, only one puppy was always born in his offspring. Since then, Kyrgyz people call a single puppy in the Taigan litter Kumayyk, and a dog that is particularly skilled at hunting is called Kara-Kush (Black-bird).