Two-day tour to the alpine lake Son Kol

Two-day tour to the alpine lake Son Kol

One of the most beautiful alpine lake Son Kol (“The Last Lake”) is located in the Naryn region, at a distance of 280 km from Bishkek. Son-Kul is the second largest lake in Kyrgyzstan, located at an altitude of 3,016 meters above sea level, the average depth is 8.6 m, and the maximum is about 14 m, the total area of ​​the mirror is 278 km. length – 28 km, width – 18 km. It is the largest natural freshwater reservoir in Kyrgyzstan.

The average water temperature is -3.5 ° C, and in summer the water warms up to 11 ° C. The temperature of the lake in winter drops to -20 ° C. 200 days a year the lake is covered with snow and in winter it is almost impossible to climb to it.
The area around the lake is incredibly picturesque, especially in summer. Due to the high altitude, there are absolutely no trees here and the lake is surrounded by meadows that serve as pastures for animals. In the summer season, shepherds move to live in yurts with their families, and thanks to this, Son Kol is very interesting for those who want to clearly see nomadic life and spend a couple of days away from civilization.

On this trip you can plunge into the history and culture of the peoples inhabiting Son-Kol, enjoy the stunningly clean air, the untouched beauty of the lake and its environs, beautiful views of the snow-capped mountains and the famous passes “Kalmak-Ashuu”, “33 Parrots”, whose nature amazes its stone deserts, endless alpine meadows, decorated with beautiful edelweiss.

Two-day tour to Son-Kol (2 days, 1 night)

Collection time: 7:00
The total route is approximately 560 kilometers

Tour program

Route: Bishkek-Boom-Ortokoy reservoir-Kochkor-Dolon-Kalmak-Ashuu-Son-Kol
Arrival at the yurt camp at 12-13: 00
– accommodation in yurts
-free time (you can ride a horse, swim
-cooster, stargazing
– overnight in a yurt

-free time

Pass “33 parrots”
Visit to the waterfall “Son-Kol” – pass “Dolon” – Kochkor – Boom – Bishkek
Arrival time: 20:30 (approx)
The price includes: Comfortable transport, guide, round trip transfer

• For one person – $ 295
• For a group of 2 people – $ 390 ($ 195 each)
• For a group of 3 people – $ 435 ($ 145 each)
• For a group of 4 people – $ 480 ($ 120 each)
• For a group of 5 people – $ 500 ($ 100 for each) (Attention! The calculation of the cost of the tour for 6 and 7 people also comes from the tariff – $ 100 for each)
• For a group of 10 people – $ 800 ($ 80 each) (Attention! The cost of the tour for 11-15 people is also calculated from the tariff – $ 80 each)

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